Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blazing Squids #04

The swimsuit issue! Filled with babes in bikinis (also the kind with beards), a Glenn Vilppu interview, an article on Petty Booka, stuff that will make you think and a brand new comic by Igor Noronha. What else would you need for a day on the beach?

Edited by Christyan Lundblad and Igor Noronha.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blazing Squids #03

Here is the squidifying May issue, featuring Kaj Pindal (interview) and Eduardo Medeiros (comic), plus a lot of good sketches, of course, and articles by Christyan Lundblad and Monty Freddie.
Edited by Igor Noronha and Christyan Lundblad.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blazing Squids #02

In this issue, we interviewed Christphe Peladan, a French stop motion animator and director, who talks about his pirate movie Goute D'Or, still in production. You'll also find an essay on art, music reviews and a comic by Lars Kram. Edited by Igor Noronha and Christyan Lundblad.

Blazing Squids #01

The first color issue, featuring art from the students of The Animation Workshop; an interview with top-dollar concept artist Igor-Alban "The Black Frog" Chevalier; a report from Angouléme Festival, the biggest comics convention in Europe; a review of The Damned's first album (and another review of Brazilian group Barbatuques); a local jam session review; and a comic by Swedish visual and recording artist Hankataks. The cover was taken out from a visual screening by Christyan Lundblad.

Blazing Squids #00

(Click to zoom in)

This was the first Blazing Squids issue we published. It came out on the January 31st 2010, on the the day of The Animation Workshop bachelors' graduation at the local movie theatre in Viborg, Denmark. It mainly features interviews with the graduating students at the time, sketches from students from the school, a review of an early Sonics record, and a comic (called "traineater") by Lars Kram. Edited by Igor Noronha, Christyan Lundblad.
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